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Innovative Internet Solutions

Point of Service Payment Processing

With our payment processing portal, office staff can easily access the most streamlined payment processing options for processing cash, credit card and ACH/eCheck one time or recurring payments. You can easily process payments for any service, products and outstanding balances plus sale product with our unique shopping cart approach.

Payment Payment Pros system is customizable for each organization with logo and unique selected features that will provide ease of use. You no longer need to purchase or lease terminals because all you need is a USB port on your computer for individual card swipes. Our system does not require any software as it is a secure cloud based solution.


  • Secure, cloud-based web solution with no software to install or update
  • Upload customers information from a .csv file exported from your accounting prorgram
  • Instantly setup recuring service or membership monthly, quartly and yearly
  • Accept credit cards, cash and electronic check payments and store as a wallet for future visits
  • Easily establish custom Recurring payment plans to meet the customer’s needs
  • Multi locations can share one company merchant account with consolitated reporting by location
  • Setup revenue goals for for each user to measure productivity
  • Collect multiple items with one Payment transaction. (Services, Products and Balance)
  • Comprehensive real time reporting for all transaction types
  • Custom Posting file for your customer accounting prorgram via Web upload or FTP


  • Eliminate credit card phone lines and costly POS terminals.
  • Boost collection rates and revenue .
  • Reduce work while gaining simplicity and control.
  • Improve financial control to eliminate fraud.
  • Accelerate payments and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards.
Marketing to the World

As Peter Drucker, noted business visionary states, "The Railroad solved the distance problem, eCommerce eliminates it!"

With online sales increasing dramatically and traditional retail sales flat, merchants need an online presence for their products and services. eDatabase Solutions provides a means for merchants to present an online store with products maintained by the manufacturers. This affordable and complete solution reduces the overhead of an online store and allows any merchant to enter the expanding Web-Based Marketplace.

eDatabase Solutions is focused on providing eCommerce and information connections between manufacturers, merchants and the consumer that will expedite the transaction cycle.

    Merchant Benefits
  • Simple setup for the merchant to start an online store
  • Catalog content is specific for the merchant's industry
  • Orders go directly to the merchant for processing
  • Products are maintained by the manufacturers
  • Store can be customized to blend with existing Web Site

    Consumer Benefits

  • Very extensive online catalogs
  • Convienient at home shopping

    Manufacturer Benefits

  • Manufacturers control the product presentation
  • Quickly introduce new products to the marketplace
  • Increase product exposure and company presence